Programme for 2023/24

9 September

Corsham Street Fair

We have a stall at this event. Help will be needed to set up and manned through the day. It is proposed to display prints around the stand and maybe a rolling slideshow on a laptop.

12 September

Welcome back.

Camera settings and techniques. Review of ‘Taste of Summer’. Next challenge ‘Transport’

26 September

David Sage ARPS - ‘The Jurassic and Pembrokeshire Coasts’

10 October

Nigel Jackson - ‘Walking the Camino’

Review ‘Transport’ and September images. Next challenge ‘Architecture’

24 October

Water Splash Photography Practical. Possible Fireworks meet on 4/11

7 November

Light Painting Practical. Review ‘Architecture’ and October images. Next challenge ‘After Dark’

21 November

A Macro Workshop with Clive Greenland ASINWP QGPP LRPS MIET

5 December

Critique Evening

Review ‘After Dark’, November and Fireworks images. Next challenge ‘Christmas Holiday’

19 December

Christmas Social


9 January

Roger Parry - ‘Swiss Travels’

Review ‘Christmas Holidays’ and December images. Next challenge ’A pair of…’

23 January

Practical Macro

6 February

Reg Lambert - ‘Inspirational Photographers–Part 2’

Review ‘A pair of…’ and January images. Next challenge ‘The Colour Red’

20 February

Huw Alban - ‘Place, process, print: From behind the camera to the final print’

5 March

15 Minutes of Fame

Review ‘The Colour Red’ and February images. Next challenge ‘Texture’

19 March

Harvest Mice

(Provisional) May be swapped with 11 June depending on availability of the mice

Easter Break

16 April

Practical Portraits

Review ‘Texture’ and March images. Next Challenge ‘Framed’

30 April

Neil Sterry - ‘Automotive Photography’

14 May

Michael Berkeley - ‘An Introduction to Sport Photography’

28 May

15 Minutes of Fame. Ted Olney - ‘A Railway Trip’

Review Framed and April images

11 June

Out and About

Venue to be arranged. ?Lacock? See also 19 March

25 June

Terry Walters EFIAP, EPSA, BPE2 - ‘My Portraiture Journey’

9 July


Review of May images. Results of the challenges