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The Corsham Photographic Club

The programme has been suspended for most of 2021, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are hoping to restart in January 2022, subject to a review of the current Covid-19 Advice from the UK Government. Ideally meetings will resume again at Church Hall, otherwise via Zoom.  

2022 Event
January 7th

AGM & Social Evening

Christmas Images

Chairman's Challenge - 'Light Trails' - Introduction

January 21st Talk by Tom Way - 'The Greater Picture'
February 4th

Members 2 Best Images from 2021

Review January Images


February 25th Talk by Victoria Hillman - 'Forgotten Little Creatures'
March 11th

Review February Images

Review 'Light Trails' Challenge

Chairman's Challenge - 'A Bright Backlit Picture' - Introduction

March 25th Talk by Sandie Cox - 'In search of Polar Bears'
April 1st

Talk by Mike Hayter - 'Preparing and producing a Photobook using Lightroom & Blurb

May 13th

In-House – It’s not what it seems

Photos from an unusual angle

Review ‘A Bright Backlit Picture’ Challenge

Chairman's Challenge - 'ICM' by Joe Suitters

May 27th

In-House – Woodland


June 10th Talk by Leigh Woolford - 'A Search for Focus'
June 24th

In-House – Street Photography

Review of ‘ICM’ Challenge

Review May Images

N.B. Deadline for Print & DPI Competition Entries

July 1st

Review Spring Images

Review June Images

July 15th  

Talk by Colin Dixon - ‘My travels Through My Lens and the Eye of a Photographer’

July 29th  Print & DPI Competition Judging - Adrian Herring
Summer Break