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The Corsham Photographic Club

A number of members have sought clarification of the rules regarding the submission of prints and dpis for club competitions and how to go about resizing images to the correct size. This guide will hopefully help with this. 


Prints submitted for the ‘Projects’ should be a maximum of 234 sq cms (35 sq inches) in area. This equates to the common print paper size of 13 cms x 18 cms (7 inches x 5 inches) but the dimensions are not restricted to these. Any multiple of width by height that does not exceed these figures is acceptable. Up to two prints per member may be entered.

Prints submitted for the ‘Mid-Season’ and ‘Print of the Year’ must be mounted. The mount size must be 50 cm x 40 cm and maybe either landscape or portrait in orientation. The actual print may be any size to suit the subject. Up to four prints per member may be entered.


In order to maintain consistency between images entered they must conform to the following size requirements:

Images must not exceed 1400 pixels in width and 1050 pixels in height regardless of orientation. So landscape orientation images should always be 1400 pixels wide and not more than 1050 pixels high and portrait orientation images should always be 1050 pixels high and not more than 1400 pixels wide. The resolution should be 96 dpi. This may seem rather daunting to some but it is easy to achieve these requirements. Most post processing programmes (Photoshop etc) can do so. A free programme dedicated to such a task is Faststone Photo Resizer, but is available on ‘Windows’ only I’m afraid. Detailed instructions for it’s use are here.

Up to two DPIs may be entered into the ‘Projects’ competitions, four into the ‘Mid-season Projected Image’ competition and three into the ‘Best Three Projected Images’ competition. Note that Prints should not duplicate DPI’s entered into ‘Projects’ or ‘Mid Season Projected Images’ competitions. DPI’s must not duplicate prints entered into ‘Projects’ or ‘Mid Season Print’ competitions.

Resizing with Faststone Photo Resizer on Windows

Follow the steps in the image below.


To Download a PDF Copy of this information please click here.