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The club participates in a number of competitions throughout the year where members get the opportunity to compare their images against other photographers within or outside of the club. 

In-House Competitions

This year there are six In-House Competitions for which Club Trophies will be awarded. These are the:-

  • Mid-Season Print Competition
  • Mid-Season DPI Competition
  • Print of the Year Competition
  • DPI of the Year Competition
  • Best Three DPI's of the Year
  • Three Related Prints

Please refer to the Programme and the Competition Rules for details of when these competitions are to be run and the requirements that must be met to enter each of the competitions.

Tri-Battle with Lacock and Trowbridge

Over the last five years, we have competed in a Tri-Battle with two other local photographic clubs, namely Lacock and Trowbridge. Each year the club, that is to host the next event, select ten categories, which each club must then submit two DPI entries each.  This results in two rounds of three images for each category, one for each club, which are judged by independent judges and placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Points are awarded: 3 for 1st; 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. On the night of the competition, the images are displayed, the judges give their comments, and the audience keep a close tally of the points they are being awarded for their images. The club with the most points wins the trophy and the others go away, determined to do better next year, and more often than not highly critical of the Judges opinions.

The important thing for next year is the list of subjects that we need photographs for, as chosen by Trowbridge.  These are:-

  • A View From Above
  • Time
  • Spotted in my Garden
  • Street Scene
  • Industrial Landscape
  • A Single Tree
  • Liquid
  • On Two Wheels
  • Reflections
  • Three of a Kind

This year we will collect images throughout the year, and we will not be linking them to any of our internal competition subjects, as they have been in the past.  Joe McNeilage has agreed to co-ordinate the collection of the images.

The images for entry to the competition will be selected by a panel headed by Clive Greenland, (our LRPS Judge)  together with 3 randomly selected committee members and 3 randomly selected club members.

These must have been taken within three years of the competition date, so for practical reasons should not have been taken before the 28th February 2017.   

Each member may submit up to 4 DPI Images for each subject.