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The Corsham Photographic Club

The In-house subjects for 2019-20 are: 

  • In Camera Artistry 
  • Monochrome
  • Macro/Close up
  • Events
  • Street
  • Travel

This year, we will NOT be running the 10 Project Competitions, which have normally been based on the Tri-Battle subjects.

Instead we will have 6 In-House Subjects. These will be used during workshop sessions to critique and discuss in groups with other club members.  

The main idea behind this is to get more interactive discussion at group meetings and give members more scope for taking photographs by not limiting them to the Tri-Battle subjects.

 In-House Projects Categories and Definitions

In Camera Artistry

For this category we are looking for unedited (straight out of the camera) images. This open category accepts all genres.  We are looking for creative photography, whilst the photographer demonstrates the ability to control the significant elements of lighting composition lens choice, focus control, colour balance, technical excellence, no cropping and photographic technique.


Images entered into this category must be either black or white OR coloured in one single tonal range, for example Sepia images are permitted.  There are no subject restraints, ANY subject or style as long as it’s monochromatic.

Macro and Close-up

Images entered into this category must be either macro or close-up and can contain any subject matter. We are looking for a sharp focal point good composition and lighting.


This is quite an open category, any photograph taken at an ‘Event’ can be entered.  We want to see images that show the essence of the event and images which make you think “I wish I had been there”.


We are looking for good narrative with strong composition and lighting that is taken in a photojournalistic style.  No wedding images permitted.


With the whole world to photograph this is a very wide-ranging category.  Many different types of images can be entered however it should be an image which shows the culture or environment of an area.