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The Corsham Photographic Club

Our Christmas Social evening is an evening held at Church House, which includes some food and drink and gives plenty of time for members to talk with each other before we end for the Christmas break.  

For entertainment we have a number of events going on.
The Christmas Knockout Photo Comp.  Bring along or email Rick in advance any image you like so long as it has never appeared in a competition in the UK before.  Each image will be allocated a number and then drawn from a hat and members will vote through one of a pair of images reducing the pool until we have a single winner.  There is a prize and its deffo worth winning!!  Honest Guv.
Secondly we will be having the Christmas Jumper contest judged by someone who will be volunteered on the night, and yes another awesome prize awaits the winner so dig out your favourite ’No Dad’ jumper.
And lastly but not least Brett Salako will be giving us his 15 minutes of fame to introduce you all to what makes him tick.
All in all looks like a good night with drinks and nibbles to boot.
What more could you ask for.
Rick Dickinson

Other Activities

Swindon Photographic Society Club Battle - 16th January 2020
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4th in the Calne Multi-Battle 2019
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Competition Subjects

In House Subjects for 2019-20

The In-house subjects for 2019-20 are: 

  • In Camera Artistry 
  • Monochrome
  • Macro/Close up
  • Events
  • Street
  • Travel
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Tri-Battle Subjects for This Year

This is a list of the Tri-Battle Subjects for this year (2020) with deadlines for submission to the club.

  • A View From Above - 10th Jan
  • Time - 10th Jan
  • Spotted in my Garden - 24th Jan
  • Street Scene - 24th Jan
  • Industrial Landscape - 7th Feb
  • A Single Tree - 7th Feb
  • Liquid - 21st  Feb
  • On Two Wheels - 21st Feb
  • Reflections - 6th Mar
  • Three of a Kind - 6th Mar