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The Corsham Photographic Club

The Corsham Photographic Club came a well deserved 2nd, not far behind Swindon, and well ahead of Stratton and Windrush Camera Clubs, in the Digital Image Battle which was held on the 16th January 2020 in Swindon.

Many congratulations to Roy McDine (Laura) and Brett Salako (On Your Marks) who both achieved a maximum of 20 points for each of their images.

Title Points Awarded
On Your Marks  20
Laura 20
Red Squirrel Posing                          19
Happy Pirate 19
The apprentice                                       18
St Nectan's Glen 18
Hello There 18
Water Balloon Mushroom 18
Stonehenge glowing under the Milky Way          17
Fall Colours 17
Clockwise 17
Bubbleicious 17
Damsel 17
The Jolly Pirate 17
My heart                          16
Night Shift -Taking a Break 16
Piercing the Clouds 16
The Pirate 16
Urban Rollercoaster 16
Night Glow Longleat                              15

Competition Subjects

In House Subjects for 2019-20

The In-house subjects for 2019-20 are: 

  • In Camera Artistry 
  • Monochrome
  • Macro/Close up
  • Events
  • Street
  • Travel
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Tri-Battle Subjects for This Year

This is a list of the Tri-Battle Subjects for this year (2020) with deadlines for submission to the club.

  • A View From Above - 10th Jan
  • Time - 10th Jan
  • Spotted in my Garden - 24th Jan
  • Street Scene - 24th Jan
  • Industrial Landscape - 7th Feb
  • A Single Tree - 7th Feb
  • Liquid - 21st  Feb
  • On Two Wheels - 21st Feb
  • Reflections - 6th Mar
  • Three of a Kind - 6th Mar