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The Corsham Photographic Club

Nine Photographic Clubs entered the Calne Multi-Battle which was held on the 21st November 2019.  We are pleased to announce that Corsham came 4th equal with Swindon and Warminster behind Frome Wessex, Highworth and Calne Camera Club.

For the size of our club this was another great achievement and the second year running we have come fourth against great competition.

For the record the points awarded to all images are recorded below.

Frome Wessex - Total Points 164

Art Deco Fashion House 14

General de Gaul 16

Explosive Leap 18

Macro Flower 13

Battersea 16

The Silent Protest 18

Window Dancer 19

British Museum Reflections 16

Low Key Look 16

Beautiful Trio 18

Highworth - Total Points 160

Theatreland 17

Sunset 13

Lion_Lioness 17

Island 14

Watching 17

Fox 15

Roots 17

Gelada_Monkey 17

Reed_Warbler 17

Enchanted 16

CCC - Total Points 158 

Enegma 16

Escalating 16

Water Reflections 16

Lone Tree 19

Dragonfly and Lily 15

Bubble fun 17

Early morning fishing 14

Looking shifty 13

Perpendicular In The Rain 18

Rock and Roll and a Cuppa Tea 14 158

Corsham - Total Points 152

Stonehenge glowing under the Milky Way 18

The apprentice 14

Red Squirrel Posing 15

On Your Marks 15

Night Glow Longleat 12

My heart 17

St Nectan's Glen 14

Fall Colours 14

Clockwise 16

Night Shift -Taking a Break 17

Swindon - Total Points 152

Street Scene 15

Last Train 16

The Mask 14

London Trip 16

Contempating 14

Silbury Hill Sunset 14

Breaching Humpback 16

jin jin 15

Chuhuly Ball 18

Under the Spotlight 14 152

Warminster - Total Points 152

Green Violetear 14

On the Crest of a Wave 18

Catching the Wind 16

Otter 13

Roller_Gary Spicer 18

Kuala Lumpur by Day and Night 12

Beach Trees 14

Glimpse of the Future 17

Where to Next 15

Lewis Hamilton 15 152

Devizes - Total Points 151

Sandstorm, Namib Desert 18

Lions Eating Black Rhinoceros 16

Blown Away 16

The Sorceror 13

Fungii In The Rain 18

Red Squirrel 15

Misty Valley 15

Up and Down 13

Sunset, Trebarwith Strand 16

Burnt Tip Orchid 11 151

Wootton Bassett - Total Points 144

Bashful look 18

F-22 Raptor wing clouds 17

Grey Heron Chase 11

Air Force Photographer 14

The Home Guard Re-enactor 12

Finishing Touch 14

Japanese Selfie 14

Stairway to Heaven 18

Oxpeckers 15

Kelpies 11

Stratton - Total Points 121 

Cardiff's Industrial Past 15

Great Tit 15

The Harbour Wall 10

Fishing Boat 12

Watching The Sunset 9

Raasay 10

The Glass Lamp 13

Time For A Snack 12

Red Deer Stag 14

Lest we forget 11



Monthly Photographic Assignments

Members are invited to display and discuss images they have taken at our upcoming Zoom meetings.  This is a non-competitive event.

The subjects for the next two meetings can be seen below so get out there with your cameras and we'll see what everyone comes up with.

4th September 2020 - Landscape

18th September 2020 - Fences/Hedges

Committee Changes

Sue Dickinson has stepped down from her roles of Treasurer and Program Secretary after 4 years of hard work for us. We thank her for all of her dedication and hard work. Brett Salako has taken on the role of Program Secretary and Kevin Mahon has taken on the role of Treasurer until the next AGM. 

Helen Dewbery has also been co-opted onto the committee.

Tri-Battle With Lacock and Trowbridge

The judging of this years Tri-Battle between Corsham, Lacock and Trowbridge has been postponed until the Spring of 2021.  Our selections for the Tri-Battle are already in so nothing left to do until we get a date and location for the meeting.

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