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The Corsham Photographic Club

The Annual General Meeting was held on 2 June 2017, at which the Club Trophies were awarded.  The recipients were:

Print of the Year (The Tom Burnard Trophy)
Mike Hayter 

Mid-Season Print Competition (Silver Cup)
Andy Rose

Mid-Season Best Projected Image (The New Trophy)
Andy Rose

Best 3 Projected Images of the Year (Trophy made by Tom Burnard)
Andy Rose

DPI Project (The Ray Holbrow Trophy)
Mike Hayter

Print Project
Mike Hayter

Three Related Prints
Sue Dickinson

Members’ Print Choice (The Andy Hughes Trophy)
Roger Parry

Presidents Award for Best Newcomer
Sue Dickinson

Congratulations to all our worthy winners for 2016/17.

Competition Subjects

In House Subjects for 2019-20

The In-house subjects for 2019-20 are: 

  • In Camera Artistry 
  • Monochrome
  • Macro/Close up
  • Events
  • Street
  • Travel
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Tri-Battle Subjects for This Year

This is a list of the Tri-Battle Subjects for this year (2020) with deadlines for submission to the club.

  • A View From Above - 10th Jan
  • Time - 10th Jan
  • Spotted in my Garden - 24th Jan
  • Street Scene - 24th Jan
  • Industrial Landscape - 7th Feb
  • A Single Tree - 7th Feb
  • Liquid - 21st  Feb
  • On Two Wheels - 21st Feb
  • Reflections - 6th Mar
  • Three of a Kind - 6th Mar